CWAGS - Winter Scent League - Novice

2/2/2018 @ 7:00 PM at Main Building with Amy Wukotich | Map

Looking for a way to test your dog’s skills outside of class?
Want something fun to do inside with your dog during the long, cold, winter?
Need to get your dog familiar with Cypress (one of the odors that is used by AKC)?

The C-WAGs For Your K9 Winter Scent League is for you!
Each evening will feature 3 judged runs, under current C-WAGS rules :

This league will be judged by 3 C-WAGs judges:
Nancy Reyes
Jill Snyder
Amy Wukotich

You can use this league as a “fun match” (you will still run under the same rules as everyone else, but if your dog is not registered with C-WAGs, the legs earned will not count towards any title), or you can earn C-WAGs titles (all runs are pass/fail). If you wish to earn titles during the league, you will have to register your dog with C-WAGS prior to the start of league which you can do here:
$15 (payable online or by mail to C-WAGs) for the first dog, $10 for each additional dog
The first 4 passes at each level earn a level title. Passing that level 10 more times earns you the ACE title for that level.

Handlers may run up to 2 dogs each league night (we will do one reset for each run per night, if needed). Handlers with multiple dogs may run different dogs each week, if they wish.
Since this is not a class (there will not be any instruction, although judges will answer questions from participants after the runs) all dogs participating need to already be working on odor.
Level 1-Scent Patrol (CW-SP): 1 hide, 9-10 boxes, either Birch or Cypress, 2 minutes
Level 2-Scent Detective (CW-SD): 2 hides, 10-12 containers, 3-5 objects, either Birch or Cypress, or Clove, 3 minutes
Level 3-Scent Patrol (CW-SP): 3 hides, 18-20 containers or objects, either Birch &/or Cypress, &/or Clove, &/or Anise (judge may use same scent more than once), 4 minutes

Cost for each team to participate in the league will be $180 which is $10 per run.
If you cannot commit the league, you may drop in for one week (please notify Noel in advance if you will be coming) runs will be regular cost ($20 first run, $15 each additional run).

League will meet on Friday evenings, from 7-8:00 PM.
League dates are:
2/2/18: 2 level 1 runs; 1 level 2 run, Judge will be: Amy Wukotich
2/16/18: 2 level 1 runs; 1 level 2 run, Judge will be: Nancy Reyes
3/2/18: 1 level 1 run; 2 level 2 runs, Judge will be Jill Snyder
3/16/18: 1 level 1 run; 2 level 2 runs, Judge will be: Amy Wukotich
3/23/18: 1 level 1 run; 1 level 2 run; 1 level 3 run, Judge will be Nancy Reyes
3/30/18: (the last meeting will feature an awards ceremony & potluck): 1 level 1 run; 1 level 2 run: 1 level 3 run, Judge will be Amy Wukotich
*Qualifying Ribbons will awarded each league night and Final League rosettes will be awarded on the last league night.
Drop In 1 run - $20.00
Drop In 2 runs - $35.00
Drop In 3 runs - $50.00
League - $180.00
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