Treat Retreat with Suzanne Clothier

4/22/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Main Building | Map
Suzanne’s elegant & effective technique for shy & fearful dogs has helped countless dogs around the world. While based in simple principles, Treat/Retreat does require skill to apply well. This technique can be used in class settings as well as at home & other settings. This workshop focuses on the specifics of using Treat/Retreat:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T + – Respect, autonomy & safety

Treats Aren’t the Trick – Why the dog’s volunteered responses are the key

Inside the Black Box Using intrinsic motivation to help the dog learn how to resolve the ongoing puzzle of “what to do!?”

Progressions: Approach, Contact, Group, Postures & Movements From the first cookie to confident interactions

Suzanne’s Treat/Retreat builds confidence, social skills, provides handlers with a new understanding of their dog’s zones, and helps shy & fearful dogs make huge strides. A must-have skill for trainers, rescue/shelter or vet staff, and for anyone who care for dogs who find people scary.

Payment – 50% deposit must be included with registration. Payment in full must be received by April 1, 2017. Any checks that do not clear are subject to a $25 additional fee.
Cancellations: Any cancellations made prior to April 1st will receive a full refund minus the $35 cancellation fee. Any cancellations made April 1st, 2017 or after will not receive a refund. This seminar will take place regardless of weather, as long as the seminar presenter arrives. Refunds would only apply if the seminar presenter were absent. Cancellation fee: $35.00.
Cost: $75.00
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