Dr. Susan Friedman Presents Living and Learning with Animals

7/22/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Main Building | Map
Dr. Susan Friedman presents "Living and Learning with Animals" - Animal Behavior Seminar

Susan will teach you how animals (including dogs and humans) learn and how we can encourage appropriate behavior in a humane way using the scientific principles of behavior analysis. In the last several years, Susan has pioneered efforts to apply to animals the humane philosophy and scientifically sound teaching technology from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, which has been so effective with human learners. The guiding principle of this approach is a hierarchy of teaching interventions starting with the most positive, least intrusive, effective behavior solutions.

Dr. Friedman is a steadfast proponent of changing behavior through facilitation rather than force, focusing on animals' extraordinary biologic capacity to learn by interacting with their environment. She teaches that by changing the environment for success, animals learn to behave successfully.

This 2-day seminar focuses on the fundamental principles of learning and behavior, and the behavior change technology known as applied behavior analysis. As all animals change their behavior due to experience, this seminar has trans-species, and interdisciplinary relevance to any professional working with behavior. This entertaining and enlightening presentation given by Dr Susan G Friedman, should not be missed by anyone working with animals, from dogs to parrots and from cats to elephants. Oh...and you may notice how this can extend to parenting or running your own company, too.

Fee includes continental breakfast.
This seminar will have CEU's.
Seminar Both Days - No Lunch - $250.00
Seminar Both Days - With Lunch - $270.00
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