From Confused to Connected with Suzanne Clothier

4/23/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Main Building | Map
It seems a simple goal: an enjoyable, mutually rewarding relationship with dogs. But like the proverbial brass ring, this kind of dog/human relationship can seem out of reach. No matter how many training books you read, no matter how many classes you attend, no matter which equipment and techniques you try, you find yourself still confused, even frustrated with a dog. In a forest of information, it's hard to find the path that will lead to better relationships.

This new workshop presented by Suzanne Clothier offers practical tools for finding the appropriate path to better dog/human relationships. As always, Suzanne's work focuses on keeping the relationship central, respecting the individual dog and human, and aiming for a mutually satisfying connection.

Suzanne will be using selected case history dogs (and their handlers!) to help attendees learn how to assess behavior, training & performance issues. While these are complex challenges to unravel, Suzanne's approach is based in simple Decision Points to guide choices for each dog and handler.

Emphasis will be placed on

Observation skills - really seeing the dog and handler in detailed ways opens a world of understanding
The geometry of body language - simple shape recognition deciphers critical meta-messages
The Elemental Questions - questions and answers that reveal the dog as an individual
The Think & Learn Zone - why arousal matters, why Goldilocks was right, and what to do about sticky dogs
Yes/No/Maybe So? - Using Decision Points and flow charts
Transitions & Thresholds - Tipping points and finding the balance
Volitional Behavior & Postures - what your dog can tell you about his internal state
Which path is the right one for you and your dog? Suzanne's approach to assessing the challenges leads logically to which practical RCT techniques can be combined for effective, humane and satisfying results, including:

The Auto Check-in (ACI)
Really Real Relaxation
Explicit Permission
Skill Building & Thin Slices
Effective Use of Rewards & Consequences
Puppy Politeness Poker
Case History demo dogs are sought for this workshop. We will be seeking a variety of issues and challenges to help all attendees learn how to assess and address challenges. Whether you are working with an advanced performance dog, a newly adopted pet or helping with clients’ dogs, this seminar offers a wealth of information, practical tools and techniques to help handlers and dogs find their way to better relationships.

Join us for an exciting weekend of thought provoking work with a variety of dogs. As always, Suzanne's sense of humor and compassionate approach plus her keen observation skills will make for a memorable and educational event.

NOTE: Seminars use lecture, videotape, and live demonstrations, and will be taught with great humor as well as compassion for people and dogs. Working dogs will be selected by Suzanne Clothier in advance. A Case Study Form will be sent to registrants at a later date for those who wish to be considered.

Payment – 50% deposit must be included with registration. Payment in full must be received by April 1, 2017. Any checks that do not clear are subject to a $25 additional fee.
Cancellations: Any cancellations made prior to April 1st will receive a full refund minus the $35 cancellation fee. Any cancellations made April 1st, 2017 or after will not receive a refund. This seminar will take place regardless of weather, as long as the seminar presenter arrives. Refunds would only apply if the seminar presenter were absent. Cancellation fee: $35.00.
Regular with Lunch - $160.00
Regular with No Lunch - $150.00
Shelter/Rescue Worker with Lunch - $130.00
Shelter/Rescue Worker with No Lunch - $120.00
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