Steve Schwarz Agility - 2 Half Days: Pinwheels, Serpentines, and Threadles, Oh My! (AM), and International Foundation Skills (PM)

9/30/2017 @ 8:30 AM at Main Building | Map
2 half day seminars will be presented on Saturday, July 29, 2017.
8:30 am – 12:00 pm: Pinwheels, Serpentines, and Threadles, Oh My!
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm: International Foundation Skills

Workshop descriptions:
Pin Wheels, Serpentines, and Threadles, Oh My!:

You and your dog can handle the basics but can you put them together smoothly in more complex combinations? Come to this half day seminar to advance down the road to mastery of handling Pin Wheels, Serpentines, and Threadles.

In this seminar for intermediate teams Steve helps you apply multiple handling approaches to these more demanding sequences. Learn to apply consistent handling cues to help your dog see and execute these sequences.

Pin Wheels turn dogs through three or four jumps. But how about coming into them from other sequences and getting out of them into other sequences? Or crossing on the way in and the way out?

There are many ways to handle Serpentines. How many do you know? How many can you do? When do you apply each handling method? How about crosses into and out of them?

Threadles are common place in USDAA and International agility courses and should be part of every agility team's repertoire. Steve will show you how to quickly and easily handle them.
International Foundation Skills:
This half day seminar systematically covers combining cues to clearly communicate handling on International challenges. Skills include:

Sending dogs to back side jumps
Back side jumps with crosses on the take off and landing side of the jump.
Back Side jump wraps.
Moving between jumps.
Threadle handling
This seminar is perfect for handlers who are interested in building the skills to be successful on International style courses.


Cost: Working Spots - Half Day - $85.00 / Full Day - $160.00
Auditing Spots - Half Day - $40.00 / Full Day - $70.00

Pre-requisite for Working Spots: All dogs must be competing at any level in any venue.

Limited to 8 working spots / Un-limited auditing spots.

Location: For Your K9, 1975 Cornell Ave, Melrose Park, IL
For more information contact us at or call 847-671-6844

Steve Schwarz has been training and competing in agility and flyball since 1997. He focuses on helping handlers improve their communication with their dogs on course in a positive and light hearted manner. Steve brings an analytical approach from his engineering background to the study and training of agility.

In order to stay knowledgeable about current agility training techniques, Steve trains regularly with top agility handlers and attends multiple dog and agility training seminars each year. Steve competes in AKC, USDAA, UKI, and CPE venues and has competed in NADAC and UKC.

Steve also writes the longest running dog agility blog: AgilityNerd ( with regular articles and videos on agility training, handling, and course analysis.

Payment – 50% deposit must be included with registration. Payment in full must be received by July 1, 2017. Any checks that do not clear are subject to a $25 additional fee.
Cancellations: Any cancellations made prior to June 1st will receive a full refund minus the $35 cancellation fee. Any cancellations made July 1st, 2017 or after will not receive a refund. If you find that you are unable to attend you may find someone to take your place. This seminar will take place regardless of weather, as long as the seminar presenter arrives. Refunds would only apply if the seminar presenter were absent. Cancellation fee: $35.00.
Auditing Spot Full Day - Saturday - $70.00
Auditing Spot Half Day - Saturday AM - $40.00
Auditing Spot Half Day - Saturday PM - $40.00
Working Spot Full Day - Saturday - $160.00
Working Spot Half Day - Saturday AM - $85.00
Working Spot Half Day - Saturday PM - $85.00
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